January 4 2022

Press Release

Reesco Retail joins the Polish Council of Shopping Centers (PRCH)


Reesco Retail, part of the Reesco Group, joined the PRCH community. The new member will support the organization by bringing their knowledge into the area of planning and implementation of reconstructions of various types of commercial facilities.

Reesco Retail specializes in building and rebuilding retail space. The team operates on three levels: from adapting the space and carrying out arrangement works for the tenant, reconstruction of the facility for the landlord, and ending with the construction of retail parks and convenience centers. Reesco Retail advises clients, estimates and controls construction costs, as well as designs, supervises and performs construction works as part of design & build.

These are areas closely related to the functioning of any business, regardless of the industry. Each company, by consuming energy and resources, has a specific impact on the environment (and is influenced by it), each operates within a community and each is a legal entity that must be managed.  Currently, due to the EU directive 2014/95 / EU of 2014 and the amendment to the national accounting act, large Polish listed companies are required to publish ESG data in their non-financial reports from 2018. Soon, such rules will apply to many more companies.

Reesco Retail managers and engineers have gained experience in consulting agencies, representing retail chains and general contracting for the retail market. Reesco Retail belongs to the Reesco Group, which has delivered over 700,000 sq. m. to the market in the last 10 years in new office, retail and hotel space. Reesco Retail is responsible for the comprehensive reconstruction of CH Bonarka in Krakow.

We are glad that Reesco Retail has decided to join PRCH. It is a proof of trust in the activities carried out by our organization in the last, very difficult time for the entire industry. We are convinced that the strength of member companies results from the exchange of knowledge and experience of individual members, so we hope that the cooperation will help both Reesco Retail develop and strengthen the voice of our entire organization – says Krzysztof Poznański, Managing Director of PRCH.

The Polish Council of Shopping Centers is the largest organization in Poland associating over 200 companies from the shopping center sector, working for the development of the industry. It represents the interests of its members in relations with public administration and other national and international industry organizations. It provides its members with access to specialist reports and analyzes the condition of the shopping center sector, and facilitates the exchange of experiences and the transfer of knowledge among its affiliated companies.  The structure of PRCH members and the wide range of services offered by member companies allow the association to participate and create discussions in areas important for the functioning of the shopping center sector.

Retail property owners and managers need experienced partners who will be able to carry out the entire investment process, taking into account new needs regarding reconstruction, extension or rearrangement of space. We want to reach the sector as broadly as possible and support it by advising and responding to the needs related to the reconstruction of commercial facilities. Including associating companies that control as much as 70% of shopping center space in Poland into the organization is an important step for us in this direction – says Lucyna Śliż, Head of Development, Reesco Retail.

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