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Design and build your career

Reesco finds its its biggest potential in a the people who build it – a team of constantly developing people who grow not only as professionals, but also as people. The paramount value of Reesco is development and learning, because we believe that everyday work should be interesting and develop the person. Our business model guarantees high task flexibility within the organization. We are looking for a team of people who will want to stay with us and our clients for the long haul.

We offer a transparent career path within the Reesco Technical Academy. Its participants get the chance to learn and develop as well as gain and consolidate experience under the supervision of experts from the fit-out industry.

Reesco’s work standards are set by international management standards which are supported by modern technologies.


Recruitment process

How to join our team - step by step


Maybe we are looking for you?

Send your CV in response to the chosen job offer or using rekrutacje@reesco.pl


Let's talk!

Our HR team will contact selected candidates. At this stage we would like to briefly talk and check if you fit to our team.


Have a meeting

Chosen candidates that are fitting to our culture will be invited to recruitment meeting – at our headquarters or online.



We will give you a feedback

No matter what recruitment stage will be your last, we will give you a feedback via e-mail or phone. Fingers crossed!

Nasze wartości


We deeply consider all points of view in relation to honesty, fairness and integrity. These values are the core of our decision making process.

Heroic Courage

Our courageous conduct allows us to live and work with our heads held high. Our heroic courage manifests itself in our intelligence and strength.


We help each other if is such a need arises. And even if there is no such need, we do our best to find a way to help each other anyways.


We are respected not only for our business activities, but also for our relationships with others. Our true strength shines through in difficult times.


If we undertake a specific task, you can condiser it completed. We are always honest in our intentions and have a common goal. Our words and deeds work together as one.


The decisions we make and how we execute them reflect who we really are.

Duty and loyalty

We take full responsibility for each and every one of our actions and statements and their consequences. We are loyal and authentic to the people we support and for whom we are responsible.

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We would love to know you!

Contact with us

Even if you do not see any suitable offer – contact us. We constantly strenghten our teams that are developing with the organisation and we create new ones, dedicated to the new sectors or new locations in Reesco Group.