Proximo II

Comprehensive management of redevelopment of  Proximo II office building

Proximo II

Comprehensive management of redevelopment of Proximo II office building

Area: 15 000 m2
Start: 13.03.2017
Delivery: 13.12.2018

  • Verification of the finishing work budget,
  • verification of design documentation in the field of: conceptual design, detailed design and as-built documentation,
  • support (conducting tenders, analysis of offers, negotiations, budget preparation) in tender procedures aimed at selecting the customer’s suppliers and their subsequent coordination,
  • analysis and verification of work costs during the project duration,
  • regular visits by engineers to monitor the correctness of construction works in accordance with the detailed design and other requirements, in particular technical and construction requirements,
  • technical supervision over the execution of construction and finishing works, along with reporting to the client,
  • monitoring of defect removal and coordination of acceptance procedures.

Location: Warsaw


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