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  • Highest standards


Completion of each and every project, independently from it’s volume, is based on top quality standards, set by such institutions as PMI, RICS and CCIM Institute.


We offer complex arrangement services dedicated to office area and the support we offer at each stage of the process enables our clients to concentrate on their day-to-day business.


We work with passion always offering individual approach. A dedicated team is always at our clients’ disposal within the entire process, offering their indepth knowledge and experience.

Cost Optimization

Creativity of our team goes together with constant search for optimal solutions. Our clients very much appreciate working with respect of their budgets.


We offer innovative solutions, no matter what the volume of the project is. We adapt our proposals to assumed budget, timetable and always with respect of individual characteristic of the project.


We strongly believe that the aestetic factor is a powerful element of each investment and consistent design going together with functionality strongly supports the client’s communication with business partners.

About us

Reesco's primary goal is to provide a complete scope of services at every stage of the construction project and to execute effective project management.



Studio Alliance brings together Europe’s leading workplace experts, the principal services include workplace consultancy, architectural and interior design, fit out and furnishing of commercial spaces. Local market knowledge and experience in over 5,000 buildings throughout 24 countries. Studio Alliance comprises of 11 founder members from UK, Belgium, Czech, France, Turkey, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Romania and Poland.


We aim at becoming a leader within fit-out and project management segments in Poland. Constantly we broaden our experience and porfolio of competence, so that we are always ready to offer complex services remaining a competent and reliable partner to all of our clients.


Our qualified team is a solid basis for our success. Their knowledge and involvement guarantee meeting expectations of the most demanding clients.


In order to support project management, we have created an authorial IT application, RMS Reesco Management Solution. We can easily control progress of conducted works and our Project Managers have easy access to all necessary informations throughout the entire fit-out process : from the planning stage, through design and ending up with completion of the investment.



This number of Clients committed their projects to us and we have not dissapointed their trust.

2 700 000 HOURS

Our team have spent over two million hours on building sites. Every single of them leads to improving our skills and brings us close to perfection in task completion.


This number of buildings is currently in our portfolio. We handle each and every project with true passion and accuracy. We strengthen the buildings’ assets, what results in upgrading their value and higher comfort of tenants.

600 000 m2 VOLUME OF WORK

So far we have delivered over 600 000 of arranged office space, completed with respect to clients’ needs and requirements. This makes us proud and strongly motivated to adapt more and more square meters of experience in Poland and abroad.


Management is an indispensable element of any investment project. Our goal is to maintain outstanding quality, to make sure that all the works associated with a given project, whether they are necessitated by the concept, the Investor's assumptions, or the design itself, are recognized within the respective scopes.









Reesco perceives risk as a list of incidents that may - and not those which will - happen. Lack of awareness of unexpected future events, both positive and negative, bears a certain risk. The ability to manage that risk depends on the experience of the team in charge of project management.

"The purpose of risk management is to mitigate the unforeseeable variability of results. The vast majority of unspecified actions may rather than will actually occur." Stanisław Wrycza

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The role of a team leader is to identify potential threats; however, these are experts in the particular disciplines or scopes who take responsibility for setting the definition of risk, determination of its duration, problem solving methods, and potential costs associated therewith.

Reesco guarantees risk identification and determination of its source, as well as conducting reviews, assessments, monitoring of risk and communicating changes and their impact on the project and project participants. It is Reesco's goal to reduce the impact of disadvantageous risk on every implemented project.

Time management is a key factor for effective project management. It is Reesco's goal to skillfully build a time schedule for every project on the basis of knowledge of the formal and legal requirements as well as construction process organization and technologies. Time management also involves identification of clear project stages for efficient control of work advancement.

"Time is what we want most but what we use worst." William Penn

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Project time optimization is among the most reliable project management efficiency criteria. With comprehensive evaluation of every project, we can achieve the intended time optimization goal without deteriorating the performance standard. Time management comprises the steps required to ensure that the project is completed within the prescribed deadlines. The most important of these steps are:

  • To define the jobs to be done in order to achieve the project goals,
  • To identify the relations between the specific steps,
  • To determine the time required for completion of the particular steps,
  • To review the action sequence, duration and necessary resources in the perspective of creating a time schedule,
  • To oversee changes being introduced to the time schedule.

The Reesco team implements a comprehensive set of project control procedures. Their purpose is to maintain a satisfactory quality of actions resulting from delays beyond the work schedule, increased costs, and to ensure an appropriate level of work safety. Quality management plays an important part in provision of information to everyone associated with the project, as the project parties are informed at every stage of construction of the progress of works.

"Quality management means coordinating project management activities and quality monitoring of a project." Stanisław Wrycza

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All the services rendered by Reesco conform to our Quality Policy. The top-class quality of Reesco's services is achieved through:

  • Continuous improvement and seeking the most effective methods of performing the individual scopes of works,
  • Diligent performance of duties in the job,
  • Systematic performance quality reviews,
  • Elaborating on our experts' knowledge,
  • Involvement of the entire team at every stage of the project,
  • Ongoing improvement of our team's qualifications.

Continuous improvement of the services provided by Reesco by strictly following the above requirements - this is our goal and our duty.

Procurement management focuses on the adequacy of actions taken to select contractors for specific scopes of works. We proceed with every tender in accordance with the principles and selection criteria agreed with the client. A tender procedure focuses on signing a contract that guarantees effective completion of the object of contract. All the actions taken during the tender stage lead to securing the contract parties so that the project is implemented within a realistic time and at an acceptable level of costs, both on behalf of the employer and the contractor.

"The process of dealing with orders from customers for goods and services and making sure they arrive on time." Cambridge Dictionary

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With proper procurement management, we can:

  • Minimize the project duration through rapid action. This applies to works executed during the period from receiving the scope to proper contractor selection and signing the necessary documents,
  • Coordinate the actions of the consecutive links in a chain, related to diversification of time required for each party's performance, thus shortening the project duration and reducing the overall costs,
  • Ensure communication between the parties regarding current works performance, input control, authorization level, working hours, etc.,
  • Learn and understand the expectations as to the deliverables of cooperation, primarily involving the parties' arrangements with regard to anticipated results.

Change management is an indispensable element of any investment project. The volume of changes occurring during project implementation ranges from several dozen to perhaps a few thousand for large projects. With adequate information flow management and scope identification in conformity with the procurement standard, i.e. with change management, some unnecessary steps or problems can be avoided, which would otherwise result in a decrease of contractors' efficiency and consequently in a deterioration of the quality of work.

"What used to work in the past will not work in the future, we insist on acting on the basis of a false premise, which says that reality will not change." Liz Clarke

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Our approach to time management on projects is complex. It includes determination of evaluation criteria, identification of change, presentation of alternative solution options, choosing an optimized solution in terms of costs, time and quality, and a detailed change implementation schedule.

Reesco implements complete change processing and change management in every project, to the extent that meets our clients' expectations. With more than ten years of experience, the Reesco team is capable of controlling change easily and in a professional manner.

Cost estimation is the basis of economic analysis, taking management-related decisions, and project planning. Cost analysis is based on close collaboration with vendors, partners and designers. Through this collaboration, we are able to build the most accurate cost estimations. Cost optimization is among the most reliable project management efficiency criteria. With comprehensive evaluation of every project, we can achieve the intended cost optimization goal without lowering the performance standard.

"Costs tell us how well a job has been done." John Miller

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With the Reesco team's long experience gained through working on various projects, our clients can rest assured that a trustworthy and reasonable project budget will be prepared for them. Even if the project idea has not yet been put down on paper, Reesco can provide necessary information concerning preliminary costs. Whether during the conceptual, engineering or execution phase of budget preparation, Reesco devotes as much time as required to determine the anticipated costs and to avoid later disputes regarding the costs of project development. Therefore, project cost management includes:

  • Preparation of project a budget,
  • Identification of solutions that generate unreasonable costs, and proposing replacement solutions,
  • Preparation of cost estimations: preliminary, investor's estimation, tender estimation,
  • Comprehensive preparation and implementation of tender procedures for the particular contractors (creating tender dossiers with attachments: forms of contract, progress schedules, etc.), including bid review and recommendation follow-up,
  • Ongoing control and verification of progress & payment schedules that specify the expenses against the works advancement,
  • Ongoing change cost management through verifying and further settlement of costs,
  • Issuance of interim payment certificates,
  • Final settlement of accounts with contractors, analysis and clearing of the budget.

Reesco puts a strong emphasis on an adequate definition of individual scopes of works ensuring they are complete and that their interfaces are duly specified. To maintain outstanding quality in scope determination, Reesco schedules and defines the project scope, reviews the particular scopes on an ongoing basis and implements corrective measures if any changes occur. Clients expect a correct definition of the construction project’s scope. The goal of scope management is to make sure that all the works associated with a given project, whether they are necessitated by the concept, the Investor's assumptions, or the design itself, are recognized within the respective scopes

"The purpose of scope management is to ensure project success with specified criteria." Zdzisław Szyjewski

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Correct scope identification is the basis for further proceedings, such as participation in tenders, or contract signing. Scope identification consists of separating certain specific project elements based on the given project's characteristics. Satisfactory identification of the scope facilitates project management, enhances precision of anticipated cost analysis, deadlines, or clear assignment of responsibilities. The right scope definition is of crucial importance for the project's success. The client is entitled to demand the following items, among other things, from a project manager:

  • Assumptions related to division of scopes for works,
  • Descriptions of individual scopes, indicating the interfaces,
  • Documentation of individual scope selection criteria,
  • Obtaining all the parties' formal approval of the predefined scope,
  • Exercising ongoing control and supervision over all scopes so as to allow for implementing change without affecting the deadlines.

Communication management plays a crucial part in proper and ongoing provision of information to all the parties of the project. Lack of swift communication between project stakeholders may have a strongly adverse effect on the project success.

"The information you have is not the information you want. The information you want is not the information you need. The information you need is not the information you can obtain. The information you can obtain costs more than you want to pay." Peter L. Bernstein

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One of the core components of communication management is the project manager's attitude, as they must be able to clearly and transparently communicate information between the parties, within a strictly defined time. A project manager's paramount duty is to identify and allocate information to individuals. Another responsibility of the project manager is to keep the stakeholders informed of any ongoing developments related to project works. The main qualities that the project manager should have in order to ensure proper communication in a project are:

  • Managing all meetings, including prior preparation and later summary in memos,
  • Ability to communicate the project's technical, economic and organizational aspects in a clear and comprehensible manner,
  • Ability to use professional methods of written or oral communication (informal memos or formal reports, discussion, e-mail).

Important aspects of communication management:
  • The scope of information defines which portion of information is to be communicated and to whom. An example scope can include information on project record updates, review and update of memos of project meetings, updating the meeting and event calendar,
  • The manner of communication presents clear and comprehensible information, whatever the actual content,
  • Credibility of information is defined by who is responsible for the supply of specific pieces of information within the project team. Transparent assignment of information topics to individual team members facilitates intuitive project advancement,
  • The objective of communication defines the result sought with the communicated message. For example, a project manager works on a progress report. The objective of communication during preparation of that document may be to communicate the works advancement and the anticipated date of report presentation,
  • Identification of the recipient defines which member of the project team will receive the information,
  • Frequency of communication defines how often messages should be communicated to specific parties by the project manager.


We offer complex services in the field of project management and general construction, both locally and internationally.


Completing office space renovation does not have to mean an enforced break in the company’s day-to-day functioning.
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We do understand our clients’ requirements, which are being determined by the specifics of their business. Company’s expansion, reorganization or implementation of new technologies requires inevitable upgrade of office space. Our experience allows us to offer solutions, which secure comfort of employees and do not lead to any disruption at the same time.


Being one of the most experienced fit-out teams in Poland, we create inspiring working areas, which strengthen motivation and involvement of employees and influence their efficiency.
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We do understand how imporant working area is nowadays. A team of experienced designers and estimators make sure we offer transparent solutions, with respect of reality and potential risks. We carefully plan and supervise each stage of the fit-out process. Our clients appreciate our endeavour in eliminating minor impediments already at an early stage of the process. It is no coincidence we have a reputation of a partner working effectively and comprehensively.

Construction management

The Construction Management service is appropriate if the client wants to have full control over the costs of civil works and seeks cost optimization through eliminating the general contractor's anticipated profit. When works are carried out under the construction management scheme, the scopes of work can be fully controlled through precise allocation among specialized contractors, obtaining market prices for the specific civil works and, most importantly, freedom of operations and decisions taken during the works execution.
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Range of Construction Management services:
  • Issuing an opinion on a building permit design, indicating those solutions which generate unreasonable costs and proposing substitute solutions,
  • Preparing a pricing estimation for works contemplated on the basis of the building permit design,
  • Issuing an opinion on a working design, indicating those solutions which generate unreasonable costs and proposing substitute solutions,
  • Preparing a detailed pricing on the basis of the working design,
  • Splitting the scope into individual works packages for which contractors will be selected, preparing a time schedule for the works, defining interfaces between work packages,
  • Organizing and preparing tenders for contractors of the specific packages, including preparation of tender dossiers for the particular scopes, instructions for bidders, taking into account the client's guidelines, and conducting the tender procedure to select the contractors,
  • Carrying out bid comparison, verifying pricing adequacy, reviewing the bids, selecting candidates for the specific packages, qualifying to preliminary negotiations,
  • Conducting negotiations with contractors, recommendations and awarding specific work packages to contractors,
  • Participating in preparatory works on site, notifying the competent authorities of the dates of civil works, obtaining the necessary statements and approvals; monitoring the costs and technical aspects during the contracting phase,
  • Reviewing design documentation on an ongoing basis, cost and time control, technical supervision, work quality control,
  • Monitoring performance in terms of changes of tenant and investor relations, acceptance of works and warranty service, pre-acceptance inspection of the project, receiving and verifying as-built documentation, final settlement of accounts with each contractor,
  • Overseeing the process of rectifying any faults during the warranty period, attending warranty reviews, supervision over the process of remedying defects discovered during inspection

Technical advisory

Technical consultancy in investment processes is the area where Reesco has extensive experience and provides top-class services. The scope of technical consultancy services:
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  • Cost and schedule optimization through verifying the documents received by the client. Identification of areas that generate unreasonable costs and time investments, with proposals for alternative solutions,
  • Engineer's representation of the tenant in preparation of complete documents needed for lease contracts, negotiating the contract with the landlord in terms of costs and technical aspects. Analysis of the leased area fitness or optional adaptability to meet the client's demands. Verifying technical documents prepared by the landlord as attachments to lease,
  • Bankability / investor's project monitoring, comprising review, evaluation and periodical verification for works in technical and formal terms, as per the design documentation, time schedule and project budget; Payment verification and confirmation,
  • Mediation and dispute resolution, including consultancy and analysis of the basis of dispute in terms of costs and engineering. Verifying documents constituting the basis of dispute, indicating alternatives if any,
  • Cost and technical feasibility studies in which optimum values of the contemplated solutions are sought, with the assumption of minimizing cost and time investments,
  • Advice on administrative procedures.


Reesco cooperates with leading Polish and foreign architects, contractors, vendors, developers, funds and banks. With a network of experienced and verified partners, we deliver the best optimized services to our clients, perfectly fitted to their needs.




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